Childrens Leisure Has never Has It So Good

Children’s Leisure Activities

The advert on television, for a certain kind of bread, showing a delivery boy pushing his bicycle up a steep cobbled lane, with a background of slightly melancholic music, conjures a nostalgic sepia-coloured picture of where and how, but for a chance of time, we might imagine our own childhoods.

Changing days and generations make their ways down the years, and there are those who will say “we had it hard, not like the kids of today”, as in all likelihood, they were told by the generation before, as they themselves were, by the generation before that.

The important issue to grasp is that the childhood years of between say, 5 and eighteen, are the oh so important formative time when the body will grow as the body will, but the nature and character of the forming personality are on a once in a life-time journey, which for them is an experience without comparisons to days or years gone by, these ARE their days and years.

Times, of course, do change. Boys would have a hairy time trying to play football in the streets around most homes, and hopscotch for girls pretty suicidal too, but these days the scope of leisure activities available for young people is a lifetime away from that of the generation before, as needs and opportunities change with the times.

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There are some parents who could be described as “over protective”, there are some described as irresponsible, but for all, these days are not the days of any other generation but the ones now growing and developing in it. Without doubt there are dangers that the modern society has bred which could not have existed before the days of the internet.